Why we love Run-Flat
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A sudden tire puncture resulting in a loss of control while driving on a busy road is a nightmare scenario for most drivers. Equally worrying is a flat tire on a quiet country road, with no help for miles.

Run-flat tires (RFT) address these common motorist fears by allowing vehicles to be driven even after a puncture. First introduced in the 1980s, run-flat tires are pneumatic tires which are resistant to the consequences of tire deflation following a puncture. They allow for a vehicle to continue to be driven at reduced speeds for a limited distance so that motorists can safely drive their vehicle to a safe spot where they can change the flat tire or seek assistance.


What are run-flat tires?

Because no sudden deflation occurs when a run-flat tire gets punctured, you can continue to drive your vehicle safely. This phenomenon is achieved thanks to run-flat tires’ thick sidewalls which are heavily reinforced and produced from heat resistant rubber.

As a result, it is possible to drive your vehicle for a limited period of time in the event of a complete loss of air pressure. Typically, the 80/80 rule is applied – drivers can continue to drive their vehicle in a stable and controlled manner for around 80 km at a speed under 80 km/h. However, it’s worth noting that this varies from tire to tire and that motorists are always advised to follow manufacturer guidelines.

What types of run-flat tires exists?

Run-flat tire systems can be divided into two categories: those that use the self-supporting system and those that use the support ring system.

Self-supporting System

Tires that use this system utilize a reinforced sidewall construction to ensure that the vehicle remains supported in the case of sudden air loss due to a puncture. This system allows drivers to continue driving after air pressure in the tire has been lost for a distance of up to around 80 km, depending on the brand and type of tires.

Support Ring System

Run-flat tires based on the support ring system make use of a solid rubber ring or similar structure which is able to support the weight of a vehicle after a puncture.

No matter which system your run-flat tires use, all run-flat tires should only be used on vehicles which are fitted with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). Since run-flat tires will allow you to continue driving after a puncture, a functioning TPMS is necessary so that drivers will know immediately when there is a loss of air in their tires.

Benefits of run flat


Safe Tire Changes

Run-flat tires allow you to keep driving after a puncture at a reduced speed, allowing you to drive on to an appropriate place to change your tire, rather than changing it hurriedly in a less than perfect spot.


No Loss of Control

Run flats are much more stable than conventional tires after a puncture. As a result, drivers can maintain complete control over their vehicle after air is lost, providing that speed is reduced to a suitable level (typically around 80 km/h).

Peace of Mind

Ultimately, run flats offer drivers significant peace of mind as a puncture no longer means disaster. Whether you are on a busy highway or a quiet country road, run-flat tires allow drivers to continue driving steadily until they reach a safe place to deal with their tire issue.

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