How to identify the load rating of your tires and why it is so important

Tire load rating, otherwise known as load index, is an assigned number (between 0 and 279) which represents the maximum load a vehicle’s tires can safely carry. The majority of passenger cars have tire load ratings ranging from 75 to 105, though some passenger tires have higher load carrying capability. Essentially, higher tire load ratings mean greater load carrying capacity.

Tire load ratings are significant for the safety of motorists because they provide a guideline for the load a vehicle can safely carry without the risk of a tire blowout. It’s worth mentioning here that load ratings only apply to properly inflated tires - if your tires are not fully inflated, their load carrying capacity will be diminished.


How to read the load rating of your car’s tires

Like so much information about your tires, the load rating can be located on the sidewall of your tires. It will be displayed as a numerical value between 0 and 279.

For instance, take the following tire size: 205/55/R16/99V.

The last two digits (99) represent the tire’s load rating. In this case, the assigned number 99 indicates that the tire’s load carrying capacity is 775 kg (1,709 pounds).

How to identify tires that fit your car

Once you know your tire’s load rating, you should calculate the total weight of your vehicle. To do this, you will need to know the weight of your vehicle when empty – the so called ‘curb weight’. This information can be found in the owner’s manual. Then, it’s simply a case of weighing the contents of the vehicle, which consists of the driver and passengers and whatever cargo is on board.

Of course, passenger tires are designed to comfortably carry several passengers and general goods. However, your tires’ load bearing capacity becomes extremely important if you intend to load your vehicle up with people and cargo, for example, when going on holiday, moving house, or carrying any particularly weighty cargo. In these instances, knowing the total weight of the vehicle and the tire load rating will go a long way to preventing unexpected and dangerous tire failures.

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