Do the online prices include balancing?

balancing and wheel alignment

Yes, all prices shown on are inclusive of balancing. Please note that balancing is nothe same as specialised wheel alignment. 

For more information on the difference between balancing and wheel alignment please see below:

What are Wheel Alignment and Balancing?

When should we do wheel alignment and balancing together?

Wheel alignment and balancing have different objectves.

Wheel balancing is done to ensure that the weight of your tyre is entirely balanced and efficiently rotated without shaking while you are driving.

Wheel alignment is the process of ensuring that your wheels are set to the optimum position and prevents abnormal wear of your tyres.


When should I balance the wheels on my car?

We recommend wheel balancing when fitting new tyres or when heavy impact may have caused a problem with alignment.

Therefore, every tyre pruchased with Blackcircles and fitted at one of our garages will be balanced as part of the service to you. 


When should I have wheel alignment?

If you suspect any of the following then you should consider asking one of garages to look at wheel alignment for you:

balancing and wheel alignment

A tyre that is worn evenly on the outside is likely to have been caused by under inflation.

A tyre that is worn only down the middle of the tyre is likely to have been caused by over inflation.

But a tyre that is worn unevenly at a particular side is more likely to have been caused by poor wheel alignment. This may be the result of an impact on an uneven road surface or kurb.

Our garages will be able to provide you with an estimate for completing wheel alignment for you.

Fitting new tyres, do we need to do wheel alignment?

If you haven’t seen any problems above then it is less likely that your wheels will need alignment but you may wish to ask for them to be checked just to be sure no issue has been caused recently.