What are Run Flat tyres?


Run flat tyres are designed to continue to perform for a limited amount of time, even if there is no pressure in your tyre further to a puncture or tyre damage being caused.

As a general rule, tyres will be functional for around 100 km, but with cautious driving under 80kmh. This ensures that users can travel to a garage or tyre specialist to resolve the issue. Vehicles with Run Flat tyres do not have spare tyres. We would help you find the nearest garage by click here (www.blackcircles.co.th/en/garages/th)

Do Run Flat tyre pressures need to be checked?

Yes, maintenance of Run Flat tyres is no different from standard tyres.

Can I fit Run Flat tyres if I do not have them already?

No, Run Flat tyres can only be fitted to vehicles with tyre pressure monitoring systems.

How do I know if I have Run Flat tyres fitted?

Run Flat tyres have a "RF" on the sidewall of the tyre to indicate that they have Run Flat technology.

How can I find Run Flat tyres on your website

Our tyre results page has a "Run Flat" filter that you can select to show only Run Flat tyres in your size.