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Bridgestone Co., Ltd was established in Thailand in 1969 and with it’s range of car, SUV, 4x4, light truck and pickup tyres soon became one of the leading manufacturers in the Thailand.

With a focus on safety, many feel that Bridgestone is a brand that they can trust. The release of the Ecopia model for cars and pickups promises enhanced grip, a long life, great fuel efficiency but with a focus on environmental concerns of the industry.

Other popular models with customers include the Duravis, for SUV cars, the Potenza for high performance vehicles and the Turanza ER300 Runflat tyre for cars.

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All tyres available by Bridgestone

  • Adrenalin RE004 Bridgestone

    Adrenalin RE004

    Bridgestone Potenza performance tires deliver ultimate handling and response, allowing you to take sharp turns with maximum precision.

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  • Duravis R611 Bridgestone

    Duravis R611

    Sumo Firenza ST-01A suitable for tourism car this tyre have a feature is efficient grip even in Wet Condition and valuable price.

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  • ECOPIA EP150 Bridgestone

    ECOPIA EP150

    Bridgestone ECOPIA EP150 is an environmentally focussed tyre with high traction and stable handling when driving in wet weather.

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  • ECOPIA EP300 Bridgestone

    ECOPIA EP300

    Bridgestone ECOPIA EP300 is an "eco tyre" with improved fuel efficiency, wet grip and wear life.

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  • ECOPIA H/L001 Bridgestone

    ECOPIA H/L001

    ECOPIA H/L 001 tyres are specifically designed for SUV drivers who desire a balance between safety, long wear life and fuel efficiency. High performing eco-tyres customized for drivers who “want it all”.

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  • LEO677 Bridgestone


    Bridgestone Leo 677 tires are for pickup trucks. Suitable for heavy loads Two-layer canvas straps (2 cap belts) with added durability on the rim with a second Bead Filler.

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  • Potenza S001 Bridgestone

    Potenza S001

    Bridgestone Potenza S001 is a premium car tyre from Bridgestone. Chosen by premium vehicle brands such as Ferrari and Aston Martin it is a performance tyre which also delivers comfort.

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  • Potenza S001 Runflat Bridgestone

    Potenza S001 Runflat

    Bridgestone Potenza S001 Runflat is a runflat tyre that could drive with zero pressure. This is a premium Bridgestone tyre, which suits to passenger cars with sport-oriented style. This tyre has been an original equipment of many leading car brands and also given reliability from many leading car manufacturers company.

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  • Turanza T005A Bridgestone

    Turanza T005A

    The TURANZA T005A is the all-new flagship tire model of the TURANZA brand, providing you with a Quieter, Safer and Smoother Journey.

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