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  • Sport Contact 5 Continental

    Sport Contact 5

    The Continental ContiSportContact 5 is a premium, high perfomance tyre that gives you the shortest breaking distance and tight cornering combined with a long treadlife and is highly fuel efficient

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  • ContiPremiumContact 2 Continental

    ContiPremiumContact 2

    The Continental ContiPremiumContact 2 features a uniquely treaded 3D groove which greatly enhances braking performance on both wet and dry surface and greatly increases protection against aquaplaning.

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  • ComfortContact CC6 Continental

    ComfortContact CC6

    The Continental Comfort Contact CC6 is the best choice for a smooth comfortable ride with low noise

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  • MaxContact MC6 Continental

    MaxContact MC6

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  • CrossContact LX 2 Continental

    CrossContact LX 2

    The Continental CrossContact LX 2 Excellent performance on both wet and try road surfaces

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  • UltraContact UC6 Continental

    UltraContact UC6

    The Continental UltraContact UC6 will give you the highest level of performance backed by German Technology. For those who look for maximum control over their vehicle.

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  • MaxContact MC5 Continental

    MaxContact MC5

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  • Sport Contact 3 Continental

    Sport Contact 3

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  • CrossContact LX Sport Continental

    CrossContact LX Sport

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