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Dunlop began manufacturing tyres in Thailand in 2006 and have gradually expanded their capabilities locally.

As a manufacturer of premium quality tyres, Dunlop produces tyres to suit various vehicle segments such as car, SUV and pickups such as the Dunlop Enasave EC3000+ for small to medium sized cars, the Dunlop Sp Sport LM704 for high performance cars.

For SUV & pickups, the Grandtrek range offers a wide range of choice for users of all driving requirements whether on road or off road.
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All tyres available by Dunlop

  • ENASAVE EC300 Dunlop


    The Dunlop Enasafe EC 300 is the standard for all reliable applications. It's an OEM for the new ATI Mitsubishi Mirage/ Honda Brio, Amaze/Toyota Yaris, Altis.

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  • Enasave EC300+ Dunlop

    Enasave EC300+

    Dunlop ENASAVE EC300+ is the latest in the Enasave series and continues the development of the fuel efficient technology.

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  • GRANDTREK AT22 Dunlop


    DUNLOP GRANDTREK AT22 is an ALL TERRAIN tire in the ON & OFF ROAD group for running in the city, but at the same time it can run in a smooth and rough way, suitable for trucks, 4×4 trucks and SUVs.

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  • GRANDTREK AT5 Dunlop


    Dunlop Grandtrek AT5 is a tough tire suitable for all road conditions. Long service life, good road grip, can be controlled as you wish.

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  • Grandtrek AT25 Dunlop

    Grandtrek AT25

    Dunlop Grand Track AT25, suitable for 4x4/SUV off-road vehicles, smooth and smooth, strong style of road, developed from GrandTREK AT22.

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  • Grandtrek PT3 Dunlop

    Grandtrek PT3

    The Dunlop Grandtrek PT3 is suitable for either pickup or SUVs but is focussed on delivering on road performance.

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  • SP LT37 Dunlop

    SP LT37

    Dunlop SP LT37 for SUV or pickups provides a comfortable ride and is fitted as original equipment to some Toyota vehicles.

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  • SP SPORT 2050 Dunlop

    SP SPORT 2050

    Dunlop Sport SP2050 premium sports tyres from Dunlop provide excellent speed control, respond to steering speed, bend and ease driving.

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  • SP SPORT LM705 Dunlop

    SP SPORT LM705

    SP Sport LM705 High Performance Rubber Upgraded to SP Sport LM704 is suitable for sports enthusiasts but still for all-size cars.

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  • SP Sport Maxx 050 Dunlop

    SP Sport Maxx 050

    Dunlop SP Sport Max 050 is born to be a tire that shows the greatest road grip on wet and dry roads. and control as you wish, even at high speeds, Suitable for SUV cars.

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  • SPORT MAXX 050 Dunlop

    SPORT MAXX 050

    Dunlop Sport Maxx 050 is designed for excellent performance on dry and wet roads and stability at high speeds

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  • Sport Maxx GT Dunlop

    Sport Maxx GT

    SP Sport Maxx GT is Dunlop's highest performance summer tire developed for drivers of pure sports cars, powerful coupes and high performance sedans. It is designed for excellent driving and responsive handling.

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  • Sport Maxx TT Dunlop

    Sport Maxx TT

    Dunlop Sport MAXX TT is A sports tyre designed for superb handling, driving performance with good grip and braking ability.

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