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“Otani” tires, one of the successful brands of Thailand. At present, Otani tires are exported to more than 60 countries around the world. Earns billions of baht per year Let's get to know "Otani" from the story of "Mr. Ekachai Limpichotpong, the second generation heir to manage the whole business.
For Otani Rubber Company Limited, established in November 1986 at Khlong Mai Sub-district, Sampran District, Nakhon Pathom Province, has 750 employees, 500 million baht registered capital, is a tire manufacturing industry, oblique canvas type. for trucks, buses, and industrial vehicles and is a large tire manufacturer The first Thai brand that is exported to sell abroad and is accepted in the world market and from the exponential growth over the past few years "Dr. Kiatchai Limpichotiphong, Father, as the business owner and founder, Therefore, the business has been expanded to support further growth from over 24 years of experience
The second factory was opened, called Otani Radial Company Limited, in 2008 on an area of ​​552,000 square meters, Rim Klong Ban Rai Road, Bang Kaeo Subdistrict, Nakhon Chai Si District. Nakhon Pathom Province has 500 employees, registered capital of 2,700 million baht, produces radial tires. For trucks, enlarged vehicles, tractors and are about to expand the area to build another factory. To produce tires for sedans and pickup trucks under the Otani brand, it is expected to launch small tires around 2016, targeting the premium market. by in Thailand Aims to pass 200 dealers, but the main market is exporting to sell abroad. Through a large dealer, which was previously a large tire dealer of Otani tires already.

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All tyres available by OTANI

  • BM1000 OTANI


    Otani BM 1000, tires for high-performance SUVs. for sporty driving Provides accurate and fast response with maximum safety.

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  • EK1000 OTANI


    Otani EK1000 Medium passenger car tire Provides a comfortable ride with safety, cost-effectiveness with long service life, and Excellent fuel saving.

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  • KC2000 OTANI


    Otani KC2000 Tires for high-performance passenger cars Provides a comfortable ride Excellent road grip.

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  • MK1000 OTANI


    Otani MK1000 Tires for pickup trucks Confident with a strong structure, durable, safe, and cost-effective with long service life.

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  • MK2000 OTANI


    Otani MK2000 Tires for pickup trucks and vans Provides a comfortable ride Safe and cost-effective with a long service life.

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  • SA1000 OTANI


    The Otani SA1000, tire for SUVs and pickups. Excellent road grip, soft, quiet, fuel-efficient suitable for highway terrain.

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  • SA2000 OTANI


    Otani SA2000 tires for off-road. Confident with a strong, durable structure, ready to go through all road conditions.

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  • SA3000 OTANI


    Otani SA3000 is suitable for highway and off-road. Provides soft, comfortable, quiet and economical like a highway tire.

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