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All tyres available by ROADX

  •  H11 ROADX


    ROADX H11 The specially formulated compounds are ECO FRIENDLY, highly fuel efficient and long lasting.

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  • A/T 03 ROADX

    A/T 03

    ROADX A/T 03 All-Terrain tire for pickups, vans, and SUVs. Great traction on wet and muddy terrain, excellent handling, and outstanding driving comfort on both ubran off-road and poorly-paved terrain.

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  • H/T 02 ROADX

    H/T 02

    ROADX H/T 02 Light Truck and SUV tire with excellent endurance and handling.

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  • H12 ROADX


    ROADX H12 Unique asymmetric pattern design features three main ribs and specially designed blocks which maximise the tyre’s contact footprint area for great cornering and stability on dry roads.

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    ROADX M/T Specially designed tyre developd for cross-country enthusiasts.Uses a specialised rubber compound to create a more balanced tyre with strong grip.

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  • SU 01 ROADX

    SU 01

    ROADX SU 01 The center rib design provides greater traction for safer acceleration and braking.

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  • U 11 ROADX

    U 11

    ROADX U 11 Innovative high performance tyre that combines comfort with low fuel consumption.

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