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Sumo Firenza is the tire brand from Singapore, distribution by Stamford Tires Distributor Co., Ltd., we have a head office in Singapore.
Sumo Firenza Tire made in Thailand by modern machine and technology, our product has several segments.
In Thailand, Sumo Firenza Tire Distributed by Stamford Tires Distributor Co., Ltd. and produce the product by Sumitomo Rubber Thailand Co., Ltd., That we have 2 models: ST-01A and ST-06 these have 14”-18” rim size.
Sumo Firenza a Premium Brand From Singapore.

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All tyres available by Sumo Firenza

  • ST-01A Sumo Firenza


    Sumo Firenza ST-01A is suitable for tourism car this tyre have a feature is efficient grip even in Wet Condition and valuable price.

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  • ST-06 Sumo Firenza


    Sumo Firenza ST-06 is a tire suitable for passenger cars. Good grip on the road. long wear life Comes with an economical price.

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