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Thunderer Tires is a subsidiary of Deestone Tires which has been established for more than 30 years. Manufacturing products to international standards to ensure the quality and safety of tire users. with production standards that have been accepted by many countries Quality products and meet international standards. It is the heart of Deestone. Being trusted to export to more than 90 countries is another factor of effective quality measurement. The products of Destone have passed standards from many continents around the world, such as North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania.
These are considered as a guarantee of quality. Destone's radial tire products are accepted both domestically and internationally. With more than 4 million users worldwide accepted annually.

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All tyres available by Thunderer

  • Mach I R201 Thunderer

    Mach I R201

    THUNDERER MACH I R201 Tires with independent two-row inner tread blocks help to shorten the brakes. increase driving safety and reduce noise that may enter the cabin Make the room quieter while driving.

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  • Mach III R702 Thunderer

    Mach III R702

    Thunderer Mach III R702 is a tire suitable for high speed driving. 5 different tread blocks, 3D tread pattern and 4 tread grooves provide precise control over curves. resulting in excellent water evacuation efficiency

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  • Mach IV R302 Thunderer

    Mach IV R302

    Thunderer Mach IV R302 is a tire with a unidirectional tread pattern design that enhances traction. Special rubber formula makes it wear slowly. 4 water grooves on the tread. Helps increase the efficiency of water extrusion.

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  • RANGER R101 Thunderer

    RANGER R101

    Thunderer Ranger R101 is the ideal tire for carrying. The tread structure is designed to hold the road well. Confident in every corner

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  • Ranger R402 Thunderer

    Ranger R402

    Thunderer Ranger R402 is the tire for everyday driving lifestyles. have a long wear life

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