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Zhongce Rubber Group Co., Ltd. (ZC Rubber)
Headquarters in Hangzhou, China, ranks among the world's top 10 largest tyre manufacturers, with four subsidiaries ZC Europe, ZC America, ZC Brazil and ZC Thailand to expand the global market step by step.

Value and Safe is the mission that ZC Rubber insists to meet global customers’ demands in different markets. ZC Rubber devotes to produce variety of valuable tyre covering truck tyre, passenger car tyre, industrial tyre, off road tyre, agricultural tyre, bicycle tyre, motorcycle tyre and ATV tyre. In the Year 2018, the capacity of Truck & Bus Radial Tyre reached 19.01 million, Passenger Car & Light Truck Tyre 36.57 million, Bias Truck Tyre 3.33 million and Bicycle & Motorcycle Tyre 84.51 million.

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All tyres available by WEST LAKE


    RP 18

    WEST LAKE RP18 give you the comfortable commute. Provide you the comfort experience in both dry and wet condition with new tread design especially design to provide confident drive.

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    RP 26

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    SA 07

    WEST LAKE SA07 Ultra-High Performance suitable for high-speed maneuver. SA07 provide confident in high-speed driving with Silica compound to increase traction on every surfaces.

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  • SC 328 WEST LAKE

    SC 328

    WEST LAKE SC328 tire for SUV and trucks. SC328 has bigger and stronger treads especially design for all kind of road. The treads design for longer mileage uses and higher loading, provide confident while driving and cornering.

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  • SU 318 WEST LAKE

    SU 318

    WEST LAKE SU318 Highway – Terrain (H/T) SUV tire for comfortable commute and confident maneuver on every surfaces.

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  • SU 321 WEST LAKE

    SU 321

    WEST LAKE SU321 Highway – Terrain (H/T) Suitable for SUV. Confident and comfortable on all kind maneuver. Special tread design to spread the vehicle weight for evenly tread usage and noise reduction.

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